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Places You Must Visit in Hinton, Alberta

Places You Must Visit in Hinton, Alberta

Here’s an interesting fact: Hinton was initially famous for being a railway and coal mining town that was named after the manager of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, William P. Hinton. However, in 1957 the North Western Pulp and Power Ltd (Hinton Pulp) was introduced as the first pulp mill in Alberta, that’s when the town truly started gaining recognition.

Hinton is a small and welcoming town that is known as the gateway to the northern rockies and is only 20 kms from Jasper National Park. Being in a convenient location, travellers and tourists often make a pit-stop at Hinton to visit it’s many attractions and unwind in the calm and tranquil surroundings for a day or two before heading to other popular destinations like Banff National Park, Edmonton and Jasper. Finding an affordable hotel in Hinton with great amenities to spend the night is much more easier when compared to the inflated prices of the other neighbouring places.

With abundant natural beauty all around, Hinton can surprise you with various sights that can leave you awestruck. Here is our list of places that you must visit next time you are in Hinton, Alberta.


Beaver Boardwalk

Beaver boardwalk is the longest freshwater boardwalk in the world and is 3 km long. Showcasing the local wetland system, it is a refreshing walk through the woods and along the beaver pond where you will see active beaver dams. Apart from beavers, you may encounter numerous species of butterflies, birds and deers making their way through the area. Try visiting the Beaver Boardwalk during early mornings or evenings to have a better chance of spotting the beavers.

Beaver in a park trail Hinton


William A. Switzer Provincial Park

If you fancy strolling through lakes at the foothills of picturesque mountains, this is the place for you! This provincial park has 5 lakes, numerous hiking trails, camping spots and canoeing options. the crystal clear waters, mountain views, outdoor activities and occasional sighting of Elks and bears make it a pristine spot to relax alone or with your family.

Kelly’s Bathtub and Jarvis Lake Trail Loop – Photo by Shawn Chilcott


Athabasca Lookout

Athabasca Lookout is also within the William A. Switzer Provincial Park and is a must visit location for the amazing views it has to offer. It is a 1 km uphill hike from the far end of Hinton Nordic Centre road that opens up to magnificent view of the rocky mountains and surrounding valley. Mountain biking is also permitted on this trail, however, it is advised that it should only be attempted by experienced cyclists as it is extremely difficult.

Athabasca Lookout – Photo by Dane Thompson


Cardinal Divide

At a distance for 79 km from Hinton, this place is worth the drive if you wish to witness some surreal views. A  10.8 km moderate trek will take you to the mountain tops that offer splendid views of the lush green forests below surrounded by massive mountains. Quick tip, make sure to take the East Cardinal Divide Trail and don’t forget to carry your camera.

Cardinal Divide – Photo by Rae Y