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Top Restaurants in Lloydminster 2021

With focus on agriculture and oil, Lloydminster has made its way to being an attractive city for entrepreneurial minds and job seeking professionals from across the world to reap the benefits from a growing city. This rapid development has helped to bring in further diversity in recent years not only in terms of people and…

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Places You Must Visit in Hinton, Alberta

Here's an interesting fact: Hinton was initially famous for being a railway and coal mining town that was named after the manager of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, William P. Hinton. However, in 1957 the North Western Pulp and Power Ltd (Hinton Pulp) was introduced as the first pulp mill in Alberta, that's when the…

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Cool Facts About Lloydminster 

While not a large city with only a population of around 36,000 people, Lloydminster does have its interesting share of stories and strange history. A cool fact about Lloydminster is that it was originally going to be an exclusively utopian society based around sobriety.   That, of course, never happened.  Although it’s named after George Lloyd,…

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How To Spend A Day In Downtown Fort McMurray

So you’ve got to your motel room, put your bag down, and now you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘what is there to do here?’ Luckily for you we’ve put together a list of the activities you can’t miss while you’re staying at our downtown BCMInns Fort McMurray hotel.   What’s the Best Place to Eat Breakfast at Fort Mcmurray? You’ve…