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5 Winter Activities to Explore in Lac La Biche

5 Winter Activities to Explore in Lac La Biche

While many people don’t often associate the winter months with being outside, the colder season is actually a great time to explore the great outdoors and take advantage of everything it has to offer. This is especially true in Lac La Biche. Located in northeastern Alberta, approximately 220 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, the hamlet of Lac La Biche is a true winter playground, boasting several outdoor activities that are sure to get you excited about being out in the cold.

If you find yourself wondering what to do in Lac La Biche, we’ve put together a list of a few of the best winter activities to add to your itinerary!

Man ice fishing on frozen lake

Go Ice Fishing

The lakes and rivers might be frozen over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find a prize catch! Ice fishing is a great way to spend a winter day and is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family! Fish that are common in the area include Northern Pike, Walleye, and Burbot. If you’re looking for a truly unique ice fishing experience, consider contacting Lakeland Expeditions. They offer ice fishing cabin rentals, which makes it super easy to get out on the lake and maximize your fishing time!

Explore On Snowshoes

If you’re looking to get outside and get your blood pumping, then snowshoeing is a great winter activity to try. There are lots of places local to Lac La Biche that offer snowshoe rentals, such as Bold Center or Hideaway Adventure Grounds Ltd., which makes it a super accessible activity. Explore everything that Lac La Biche has to offer while enjoying the snowy outdoors and beautiful scenery.

Group of people riding on snowmobiles

Rent A Snowmobile

Lakeland Provincial Park & Provincial Recreation Area boasts a wide variety of backcountry trails that are perfect for exploring on a snowmobile! If you don’t own a snowmobile yourself, you can rent one from Off-Road Rentals & Sales, making this a very accessible winter activity to try. Leave your worries and sled tracks behind you as you spend an afternoon exploring the beautiful Albertan landscape.

Spend The Day Cross-Country Skiing

Spend your day gliding through the wilderness on groomed ski trails surrounding Lac La Biche. Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park and Shaw Lake Day Use Areas are both great spots to check out if you’re looking to do some cross-country skiing while in the area. If you have your own gear, then feel free to bring it along. If not, you can connect with the Lac La Biche Ski Club on Facebook to coordinate equipment rentals. This is a great activity to enjoy with the whole family.

Man snowshoeing in winter

Experience The Life of a Wilderness Trapper

For a truly unique winter activity to enjoy in Lac La Biche, consider making the journey to Winefred Lake Outfitters and spending the day in the world of a Métis wilderness trapper. Learn about the rugged, traditional way of life with a guide and teacher who has over 30 years of experience. You’ll get to experience the beautiful outdoors while also learning the ins and outs of wilderness trapping, furbearing management, and harvesting.

Whether you’re looking to go outdoors to try something new or are just looking for some great activities that will get you outside and enjoy the winter months, these activities are a great place to start!



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