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Essential Winter Activities to Try in Lloydminster

Essential Winter Activities to Try in Lloydminster

While the winter weather encourages staying indoors, there’s still plenty to do outside your door. For instance, you may be surprised to hear about all the winter things to do in Lloydminster.

Below are some of the main activities you don’t want to miss trying out or going to see!

Winter Things to Do in Lloydminster: Check Out the Border Markers

Alright, so technically you can do this year-round, but this is one of the stand-out (or rather stand-up) attractions and claim to fame for Lloydminster. The city is literally built on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan and there are 4 border markers that designate the exact border that goes through the city.

If you’re looking for a photo-worthy moment to share on your social media profile, you can snap a pic of you having a foot on both sides of the border at the same time. Alternatively have you and one other friend or family member stand on each side of the border.

Feel Like a Badass by Throwing Axes

Feel like a Norse Viking by throwing axes at Axe Rising. This is the perfect way to relieve some stress (or even anger) and find out who among your family or friends is the most accurate and can pull off the coolest trick shot.

The location has much more to offer than just axe throwing as well. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy their inflatable play areas, target booths, and stalls.

Man hiking in winter in Lloydminster

Snowshoe and Wander Lloydminster’s Trails and Hikes

Getting your heart pumping as you explore Canada’s outdoors on a hike is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Lloydminster. There are several hikes to choose from, but these are some of the best ones worth exploring:

  • All Seasons Nature Loop – 2.6 km
  • Vermilion Provincial Park – 5 km
  • Borden Lake Trail – 5.8 km
  • Muriel Lake Lookout – 3.9 km
  • Muskeg Trail to Lakeshore Trail Loop – 7.1 km

Try Your Hand at Curling

Finally, end your day at Lloydminster with one of Canada’s main winter sports: curling. Family-friendly, and a fun way to not only get some exercise but also try one of the often overlooked activities.

If curling isn’t what you’re after, the Lloydminster Golf and Curling Centre also offers the chance to work up a sweat playing squash or racquetball.

Overall, there are plenty of fun wintertime activities to explore and try out in Lloydminster. As Canada’s only border town, it’s a truly unique location that comes alive during the winter months.



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