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Pet Friendly Hotel in AB: Making the Most of Your Road Trip

Pet Friendly Hotel in AB: Making the Most of Your Road Trip

Canada is undoubtedly one of the best countries to take a road trip. From deserts to the prairies to the Rocky Mountains, there’s a lot you can see in a day’s drive. At BCMInns, we’re proud to be a pet-friendly hotel in AB and BC. We see many travelers who love to take road trips with their pets and we are proud to offer pet-friendly accommodations. If you’re thinking of taking a road trip with your pet, we recommend you keep the following tips in mind!  

Get A Pet Check-Up Before Travelling

Before heading out on your cross-country adventure, we recommend getting your four-legged companion checked by your vet to ensure vaccinations are up to date, and to discuss any risks for your pet. It’s also good to preemptively check with your vet for quick remedies to car sickness or allergies to make sure you’re prepared for everything! Lastly, we recommend getting your pet micro-chipped. While it would be terrible, there’s always a chance pets could get separated from their people while traveling. A pet ID tag and a microchip will give you the best chances of finding your pet should you get separated.  

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Set Your Car Up for Pet Travelling  

While any road trip requires a mandatory stocking of snacks, great music, and other travel essentials, we recommend using either a car safety harness or a secured carrier for your pets while traveling. This will depend on the size of your pet, and whether you’re worried about them bolting out of the car in unfamiliar territory. Keeping snacks on hand for your fluffy travel companion is also advisable! It’s important to ensure they have access to water to prevent them from being dehydrated.   

Plan Your Route & Stops 

Canada’s landscape is so diverse, you can see a lot in just a day! Planning your route and frequent stops so you and your furry travel companion can get out and stretch your legs is advisable. One of our favourite road-trip routes comes from Hinton to Coleman to Lloydminster. Driving from Hinton to Coleman allows you to see the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. We recommend staying for a night or two in Coleman to see the beauty of the Crowsnest Pass. Take your four-legged friend to explore the region’s breathtaking hiking trails and scenery. On your way, don’t forget to stop in Canmore for a quick lunch at Graze Food and Drink a dog-friendly restaurant.  

From Coleman, taking a drive to Lloydminster Alberta allows you to see more of Canada’s diverse landscape. Lloydminster AB has a myriad of things to do, like Bud Miller All Seasons Park and Cold Lake Provincial Park.  

dog in a car travelling to a pet friendly hotel in abPlan Your Stay at Pet-Friendly Hotel in AB in Advance  

 Travelling with your pet can be a fun experience neither of you will forget. However, we recommend planning your trip around a hotel in AB that allow pets to ensure you can focus on having fun and making memories, rather than trying to find pet-friendly motels last minute.  

To save yourself wondering, “where can I find a cheap pet-friendly hotel near me” during your trip, we recommend doing your research. BCMInns is proud to be a pet-friendly hotel chain. We offer four hotels in AB that allow dogs and other pets. If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodations in Hinton ABLloydminsterColeman AB or Drayton Valley AB, we’ve got you covered!  

When you book your stay at one of our pet-friendly hotels, you can expect unapparelled hospitality for you and your four-legged travel companion. In addition to offering pet-friendly accommodations, we offer dedicated in-room WiFi, guest laundry services, large HD TVs and all the amenities of home. We hope to see you and your fluffy four-legged companion soon!  

Book your pet-friendly accommodations with BCMInns today!