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Best Fort McMurray Hotel Deals and Travel Tips

Best Fort McMurray Hotel Deals and Travel Tips

Fort McMurray is situated in northeastern Alberta and is the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore Canada’s great outdoors. While the town may have risen to prominence due to the strong petroleum industry, it’s an amazing getaway for outdoor enthusiasts. From exploring boreal forests and a vast network of rivers, to the breathtaking northern lights, there are several great activities to make your next trip to Fort McMurray amazing. Don’t forget to check out our Fort McMurray hotel deals for your stay!  

Take Your Fort McMurray Adventures to New Heights 

Whether you prefer to carefully plan your trips or just wing it as you go, we recommend taking the time see Fort McMurray from a new perspective with McMurray Aviation. These affordable tours allow you to fly over the city, oil sand sites and the beautiful local boreal forest.  

Tours include aerial city tours to float plane tours landing on the Clearwater River. They even offer custom routes if you have a destination in mind you’d like to see. Propel your Fort McMurray adventures with McMurray Aviation, it’s an exhilarating experience and chance to see the beauty of the region. You won’t want to miss it!  

Explore the Athabasca Sand Dunes  

Fort McMurray is home to a moving desert that shifts up to 1.5 meters a year. These active sand fields boast some of the largest sand dunes and kames in the world. The reserve protects an abundance of wildlife species and nature. For frequent hikers or ATV enthusiasts, the Athabasca Dunes Ecological Reserve offers a myriad of trails for backcountry hiking, and adventures ride.  

Northern Lights | BCMI | Fort McMurray Hotel Deals

Experience the Majestic Northern Lights 

Fort McMurray is perfectly situated to view the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, in the winter. One of nature’s most breathtaking phenomenons, it’s something you won’t want to miss while lodging in Fort McMurray. We recommend heading out of the city, past the light pollution to one of the many parks just outside Fort McMurray, for the best viewing. The Northern Lights can typically be seen on most clear evenings in Fort Mac from October to March. 

Explore MacDonald Island Park and the Aboriginal Interpretive Trail  

A must-see for families visiting Fort Mac! Start the day exploring the Aboriginal Interpretive Trail which showcases Canadian First Nation’s history in an interactive and beautifully curated way. After exploring the trail, check out MacDonald Island Park, home to some of the province’s top recreation. With a swimming pool, fitness center, golf course, dance studio, art gallery, climbing wall and more, there’s something for the whole family.   

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Fort McMurray Hotel Deals  

During your vacation, don’t forget to plan out your Fort McMurray accommodation plans. There’s nothing like coming back to a friendly, clean and comfortable place to rest after a long day exploring Canada’s great outdoors! At BCMI, we provide great Fort McMurray hotel deals so you can spend less and see more of what matters during your trip. We also offer a range of amenities, at no extra cost, so you can feel right at home.  

We have two locations in Fort McMurray, so you can stay close to what matters most on your trip. Our BCMIRusty’s” location and downtown Fort McMurray location both offer guests BBQs, dedicated in-room wifi, microwaves, Keurig machines, fridges and more. Our friendly and accommodating staff would be happy to help you plan your stay in Fort McMurray in any way they can.  

Contact us today to book your stay in Fort McMurray Alberta.