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How To Spend A Day In Downtown Fort McMurray

How To Spend A Day In Downtown Fort McMurray

So you’ve got to your motel room, put your bag down, and now you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘what is there to do here?’ Luckily for you we’ve put together a list of the activities you can’t miss while you’re staying at our downtown BCMInns Fort McMurray hotel.  

breakfast food on plate at fort mcmurray hotels downtownWhat’s the Best Place to Eat Breakfast at Fort Mcmurray?

You’ve had a great sleep from your downtown hotel, but now you need a filling Fort McMurray breakfast to keep you going. Either you can head out into the town, or enjoy BCMInn’s classic Canadian breakfast. 

If you choose to head out, Mitchell’s Café is a great local choice for breakfast or lunch. They have a variety of excellent breakfast options with often three delicious options for quiches and a hearty, healthy soup of the day. 

What Do I Do Between Breakfast and Lunch?

Get outside and experience Fort McMurray outdoors with some snowshoeing. There are many kilometers of powdery snow trails to explore. Some of the best ones you should set phone camera storage space for are the Abasand Trail and West Syne Boundary Trail. Beautiful vistas and a great workout ‘to boot’ make these particular trails an awesome experience. 

What’s the Best Place to Eat Lunch at Fort Mcmurray?

Stac’s sandwiches can’t be missed for a filling lunch. Both their Rueben and the Monte Cristo each have their own unique twist. On top of that, their double-stacked peanut butter, Nutella, and banana sandwich will have you wondering how you’ve lived this long without truly living through eating this sandwich. 

fit man working out at fort mcmurray hotels downtownBest Afternoon Activities in Fort McMurray 

Get your brain going with a few buddies and try out Fort McMurray’s escape rooms at Trapped! A great way to build teamwork, solve puzzles, and spend an afternoon. 

Alternatively, MacDonald Island Park (MIP) can take up your whole afternoon, and even evening, if you want it to. A true all-in-one recreation facility there’s something for everyone. We couldn’t mean that in the truer sense of all-in-one either. Think of a sport or activity and they have it there. Badminton? They have a dedicated court for that. Climbing wall? Set up for all ages to enjoy. Golf course? Well, it’s not in service during the winter, but they do have one. 

But if you just want to relax in a hot tub or sauna at MIP, you can do just that as well. Their state-of-the-art high-performance training area, 200m indoor track, has all the workout equipment you could ever want or need as well. 

What’s the Top Dinner Restaurant in Fort McMurray? 

Time for a night out for some tasty food, but where should you go? Not far from most Fort McMurray hotels downtown is the Townhall Public House. There are plenty of great beers on tap and classic pub food that’ll fill you up fast. It’s also known for its great service and overall welcoming atmosphere making you feel like you’re at your favourite hometown restaurant.  

Nightlife You Can’t Miss During Your Stay 

If you like a place to hang out with your buddies, enjoy some live music, and have a couple of brewskis, the Tavern on Main is your best bet for a good night. It’s also a great place to grab some wings in flavours like sweet chili, honey garlic, and lemon pepper. 

Get your camera handy during the evening as well since you can often see the northern lights this time of year.

Although Fort McMurray isn’t a huge city, there is still plenty to see and do as you can see from our list above. We haven’t even covered half of the restaurants available to you though, and we’d recommend checking more of them out to get a local tastebud experience that’ll have you coming back for more. 



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