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Best Bars for a Night to Remember in Hinton

Best Bars for a Night to Remember in Hinton

If you find yourself in the town of Hinton, there might not seem like a lot to do at first glance, but you’d be mistaken. Not only is there an excellent breadth of things to do, but there’s also a fantastic selection of bars to check out. So, if you’re wondering how to spend a night out in Hinton, we’ve got you covered with top bars in Hinton to check out below.

How to Spend a Night Out in Hinton: Start at the Canadian Steakout Grill and Lounge

Some of the best nights out start with a couple o’ brewskis and the Canadian Steakout Grill and Lounge is perfect for those.

Choose from 8 beer taps including one from Hinton’s local brewery: Folding Mountain Brewery or drink up with classic and original cocktails as well.

Plus, every evening there is a mouth-watering, prime, triple-A steak dish special that’s ready and waiting to be eaten. Friday’s special is an 8oz. Sirloin with crab meat and a skewer of shrimp topped with bearnaise sauce, Saturday’s is an 8oz. NY strip with Peppercorn Madagascar sauce, and Sunday’s is a filling 12oz. Rib-eye generously marbled steak bursting with rich flavour and juiciness.

If that doesn’t have your mouth watering after reading that, I don’t know what will.

Bartender filling a pint of beer for boys night in Hinton

End Your Bar Hopping at the Pano Bar and Grill

Walking over to the Pano Bar and Grill to end your night out, you can enjoy the following on tap:

  • Folding Mountain Lager
  • Folding Mountain Moraine IPA
  • Folding Mountain Cranberry Sour
  • Brewsters Farmer Tan
  • Brewsters Raspberry Ale

Plus, they have signature cocktails like the Wiggy or Double Rumble that can spice up your evening.

If you’re feeling hungry again they have a great selection of dishes to choose from including their signature Pano burger which features all the classic burger topping plus sautéed onions and housemade burger relish. If you’re not feeling as hungry, their appetizers are perfect for light snacks including one of their most unique ones: peppers + spears. This original dish features deep-fried peppers and jalapeños poppers with marinara and honey mustard sauce.

Naturally, they still offer classic appetizers like wings, nachos, and dry ribs. However, one option that’s great for groups (and your night out) is their “platter” option which includes a full platter of every single one of the appetizers they offer so you can discover your new favourite appy!

Clearly, there are some excellent bars to check out in Hinton with food and drinks that will have you coming back for more. If you’re looking to make your night out in Hinton a memorable one, we strongly recommend checking out the above locations.



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